Exclusive Financial Hardship Agreement in the City of Canning

June 1, 2022

The City of Canning has recently implemented an enterprise agreement that includes an exclusivity clause to address financial hardships faced by their staff members.

The enterprise agreement, which was signed in 2015, aims to provide comprehensive policies and provisions for the city’s employees. One of the key aspects of this agreement is the inclusion of an exclusivity clause, which restricts employees from engaging in certain activities outside of their employment with the city.

However, recognizing the financial challenges faced by their staff members, the City of Canning has introduced a financial hardship agreement. This agreement allows employees to request temporary exemptions from the exclusivity clause in cases of financial distress.

The financial hardship agreement is a compassionate measure that acknowledges the need for flexibility during difficult times. It enables employees to seek alternative sources of income or engage in additional employment without violating the terms of the enterprise agreement.

The City of Canning’s approach to addressing financial hardships aligns with modern contract law principles that emphasize fairness and practicality. The implementation and enforcement of this agreement not only benefits the employees but also promotes a positive work environment.

In order to ensure smooth execution of the financial hardship agreement, the city has also introduced a Hyperledger Fabric smart contract API. This technological solution streamlines the process of requesting and granting temporary exemptions, making it easier for both employees and the city administration.

Furthermore, the City of Canning has partnered with Synchrony Bank to ensure efficient management of finances. This collaboration allows employees to access credit card account agreements tailored to their needs, providing financial support during challenging times.

The agreement on performance of the office is another aspect that the City of Canning values. Employees are expected to fulfill their duties and responsibilities outlined in the office agreement. This ensures a harmonious working relationship between the city and its staff members.

As part of the transparency and clarity in their policies, the City of Canning provides example rental agreements to guide employees in understanding their rights and obligations. These agreements serve as a practical reference for employees to refer to when entering into rental contracts or making housing arrangements.

In order to maintain confidentiality and protect sensitive information, the City of Canning adheres to a confidentiality agreement template provided by Practical Law. This template ensures that employees are aware of their obligations to maintain confidentiality and safeguard the city’s interests.

The City of Canning’s comprehensive approach to addressing financial hardships reinforces its commitment to the well-being of its employees. By introducing the financial hardship agreement and leveraging innovative technology, the city aims to provide support and flexibility to its staff members during challenging times.